RTC 002 Sue Murphy - From A Civil Engineer To CEO Of Water Corporation

Sue Murphy – From A Civil Engineer To CEO Of Water Corporation

In this episode of Road To CEO, Sue Murphy shares about her journey from a civil engineer to the CEO of Water Corporation, the pitfalls about planning to much into the future, her advice for the young professionals and leaders of tomorrow, characteristics of a good leader, how to manage change, understanding your own self and a lot more.

Sue graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of Western Australia. After winning a Clough Scholarship as an undergraduate, she joined Clough Engineering in 1980. Twelve years in the field as a site engineer and project manager led to corporate roles with a focus on human resources, safety and engineering design management and her appointment in 1998 as the first woman on the board of Clough Engineering Ltd. Sue joined the Water Corporation of Western Australia with responsibilities for delivery of capital projects and long and short term planning.

Water Corporation of Western Australia is the principal supplier of water and wastewater services to over 2 million people across Western Australia. Sue was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Water Corporation in 2008.

Episode #2 of the Road To CEO Podcast with Sue Murphy:

Teaser #1

Sue shares her advise for young engineers and leaders of tomorrow when it comes to planning for your career and thinking about the future. She also shares how she became a civil engineer.

Teaser #2

Sue shares about the difference between managers & leaders and how to get the most out of your team.

Full Episode

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • As a kid, what Sue wanted to become.
  • Sue’s encouragement to anyone young.
  • How did Sue say “Yes” to Engineering.
  • What were Sue’s reasons in choosing Engineering.
  • The reasons why construction is a good place to start.
  • How Sue transitioned from construction to management.
  • Why Sue joined the Water Corporation.
  • The importance of being flexible in a world that is changing so fast.
  • In a changing world, what are the right skill sets.
  • How seeing change as an opportunity than a drama.
  • Looking inside yourself and figuring out your own values.
  • How Sue deals with uncomfortable situations.
  • The importance of management and leadership.
  • Why you need to understand your own skills and articulate your own values.
  • Leadership is about being self-aware and authentic.
  • Why you have to know your team well enough.
  • Sue’s traits as a leader.
  • Things that help in developing your listening skill.
  • How Sue balances work and family.
  • What are Sue’s work and life plan
  • How Sue refuels her energy.
  • The advice to those who wants to become a CEO.
  • The most uncomfortable situation Sue has faced.

Quotes from the episode:

Take any opportunities and say Yes to absolutely anything that comes your way. - SueMurphy #roadtoceo Click To Tweet You cannot be everything to everyone - SueMurphy #roadtoceo Click To Tweet Sometimes, you are so busy thinking what you’re going to say that you are not listening at all - SueMurphy Click To Tweet


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