Charlie Gunningham - From School Teacher To CEO Of Business News

Charlie Gunningham – From School Teacher To CEO Of Business News

In this first episode of Road To CEO, Charlie Gunningham shares about his career journey from a school teacher to becoming the CEO of Business News. He talks about the lessons he has learnt, the challenges he faced, the entrepreneurial spirit within, his method of getting the best out of others and a whole lot more. Its an episode not to be missed.

Originally from the UK, Charlie worked in Singapore for 8 years before landing in Perth in 1997. Graduating as top MBA student from UWA Business School in 1999, he set up, an online real estate business, which he ran for 10 years until it was acquired by REIWA in 2010. Charlie then ran until 2013 when he joined Business News.

Business News is the largest independently-owned media organisation in WA and Charlie was the CEO till recently when he decided to seek new adventures.

Episode #1 of the Road To CEO Podcast with Charlie Gunningham:

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • As a kid, what Charlie wanted to be when he grew up.
  • Starting out as a school teacher and the important lessons he learnt.
  • How doing an MBA changed Charlie’s career trajectory.
  • The #1 thing startups need to know when it comes to making money.
  • The old business adages that still work now.
  • Why learning from great CEOs and leaders is important for your career.
  • The importance of having your hands on all the levers as a CEO.
  • How Charlie became the CEO of Business News.
  • What being a CEO has taught Charlie.
  • The advice that you need to take onboard from Tim Minchin’s commencement address.
  • Why you need to educate your customers to sell.
  • The key to motivating and inspiring your team to get the best out of them.
  • The two skills you must learn to ensure a successful career.
  • Things to do to bring your team closer and build a great work environment.
  • What kept Charlie up at night at early stages of aussiehome.
  • What to do to overcome setbacks, the answer would surprise you.
  • How Charlie keeps continuously learning and the podcasts + books he recommends.
  • The one piece of advice that everyone can implement immediately to help be successful.

Quotes from the episode:

You have to educate to sell - @ChazGunningham #salesquotes #learnsales #roadtoceo Click To Tweet You are a fool if you think your industry is not being disrupted - @ChazGunningham #disruption #roadtoceo Click To Tweet To be #successful you need to learn from the best, go and get #mentors - @ChazGunningham #roadtoceo Click To Tweet

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